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France vs Croatia: To Open a Bottle of Champagne or Plavac Mali (Zinfandel)?

We are at the end of a beautiful soccer world cup, in which surprises were not missed! Now in the final we find a very young France, and the smallest Croatia, to whom will we toast? In addition to clashing on the playing field, you will also see a battle between two major wine nations. While France has a massive representation in wine culture, small Croatia’s (4 million inhabitants) wine culture goes back to the dawn of time. France is the nation that has most influenced the world of wine with its native vines that have become a point of reference for all nations, such as chardonnay, Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah etc. But their current history opened after 600 BC. ....

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Sparkling Wine for Summer: Method Champenoise (Champagne) or Charmat (Prosecco)?

Summer is hot, important parties toast with sparkling wine ... .but how do you choose between Charmat and Champenois? To begin, I will briefly bore you with the story :). The first sparkling wines appeared in France in the 1600s in the Champagne area. Legend says that it was invented by Dom Pierre Perignon, but even if the historical reality does not coincide with the myth, I like to think that this great name is still the grand master of this ancient art of bubbles. The world of bubbles owes everything to the champagne winemakers who have refined and made famous the champenois method, which remains among the best products in the world. Nowadays, sparkling wine technologies have improved and...

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Agricola Bellaria - Winery Spotlight

"Since I founded Agricola Bellaria together with the Maffei family, a few years have passed during which I have seen the company be born, grow and grow up. I stop to think about the time we spent in the cellar, trying with all our strength to create wines that would reflect the beauty and history of our Irpinia. Born as a small company in Irpinia that tried in every way to stand out and get noticed among the thousands of excellent competitors, we never looked for shortcuts; with effort and humility, every day we fought and won battles that seemed impossible even to face. I stop to think about the first triumphs in international competitions, the first sales in Italy...

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Video on Authentic Winemaking Process

Cool winemaking video on Youtube. It's very interesting to see all the detail that goes into making wine. Understanding this process helps make good choices in your wine selections. Industrial Wine (not so good) vs. Organic (authentic and minimal hangover - The Simple Wine standard!)

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The Gilda's Club South Florida

Natalya and Bill Represented The Simple Wine at "It's Live Saturday Night Live!" presented by Memorial Cancer Institute at Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina. The Simple Wine donated 8 cases of wine to The Gilda's Club South Florida for this event! :)

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