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Netflix Wine Films; What Wine Films Can You See on Netflix?

Wine Films on Netflix: What kind of Wine Film can you see on Netflix?

If you stay at home in these hot days, why not look at some good films about wine on Netflix? Maybe with a nice glass of chilled sparkling wine? (see also our post on which bubbles to choose during the summer!)

I will discuss films that I like the most and also keep the truth. I will show them in a suggested order of viewing so that you can understand more about my beautiful Italy and the magic of wine! All through the lens of films about wine on Netflix.

For the first movie, I want to recommend Somebody Feed Phil. I know, it does not speak of

wine, but here you can travel to Venice and Modena among the local Italian tastes. There are not only these, probably it would take 100 seasons to get them all! It is crazy to think that there are 400 types of cheese registered only in Italy! This Netflix Film will make you discover our habits and approach to the world of taste. But just know that even if you go only 10 km away from one city to another, you can find completely different products and local recipes! Have you ever thought about putting balsamic vinegar on ice cream? Or cocoa on tuna? Embark on a trip of Italian tastes!

But now let's go back to the Netflix Wine Movies.

I advise you to see Barolo Boys first. A beautiful documentary on the wine revolution that these great pioneers have helped to make. In Italy before the 90s, wine was not considered a luxury item, but simply a food. It was used as food to find the energy to go to work in the fields. France, which was the first to introduce wine as a secondary good, influenced our producers, and then brought all of Europe to reconsider wine as food. A good film that makes us discover the courage and determination of these great pioneers.


Another good movie about wine in Netflix is definitely A Year in Champagne! We all know champagne, right? But do we know that it is made of chardonnay and pinot noir? We know that because of the bad weather conditions, champagne introduced the Cuvee of various years to maintain high-quality products, even with bad crops? It's time to find out what's behind this great name and why it's so prestigious all over the world!

A movie on Netflix that surely many of you will have seen is Decanted. This film takes us into beautiful California to find out how we say: The New World wines. Personally, I am an expert in Italian wines (there are 3,000 different varieties and clones only in Italy ....) And the wines of the new world can simply call me a winelover. Here, however, if you have followed the previous films, you can understand the differences in the culture of wine. While in the old world there are many conservatives on the traditions that have existed for centuries, in the new world there are many experiments. A new approach to face European competitors of even 15/16 generations in a market, that of wine, which is not only producing a liquid, but is producing art.

Having made these little enoic routes, we move to my profession: Studying the wine! Surely the film on Wine in Netflix portal that has been most successful, and has made many winelovers approach to choose this profession is: SOMM. This documentary follows candidates for the most prestigious university on the wine, Master of Wine London. We are at the highest levels, say the wine nerds. But we can understand that this work is not just about turning a glass and drinking wine every day. It is made of travel, study and a lot of concentration. It also expands to all the wines of the world, an impressive amount of data! Must watch!


Somm Into the Bottle: the continuation of the previous one. I really like this film. He shows us

all the processes to create a prestigious bottle. If you think that making wine is simple, watch this movie on Netflix! Divided into 10 chapters, it tells the story of how many people work to serve a glass of wine at the table. It is divided into: The winemaker; The vintage; The history; The wars; The new world; The cost; The barrel; the point score; The sommelier; The memory.



The last movie on Netflix that I recommend watching is Sour Grapes. Not so much to scare you but to introduce you also on the collectible wines that you can find in our online shop or write to us to advise you. I tell you to recommend it to buy expensive wines we alerted you to be guided by experts. In American history, a great fraud has been perpetrated on wealthy clients who invest in wine bottles of unobtainable vintages and noble names. In this film you find this scam but it also makes you realize how different the wine has become in the last 20 years.

Even if not on Netflix I also suggest you watch streaming the program of the director Klass The Jong who has kindly contacted me on LinkedIn, which will make the second season in Italy! The site is wwww.winemasterdocumentary.com! I know, that I advertise but I saw the first season and I really liked it! Klass we are waiting you in Italy and we are in contact for our small natural and artisan cellars!

I hope you all will enjoy these films! If you have any other films to tell us about, do not hesitate to write them in the comments!


P.S. if you eat pop corn I can recommend some nice important wine for meditation and relax! I had a very heated discussion with my colleague somms in Italy, because popcorn is not good to pair with wine, but.....the wine can be drunk at any occasion if you wish! And with popcorn (if made with butter) I recommend a white wine who made malolactic fermentation and wood short aging to accompany the buttery taste! (Soave Slavinus one of the best wine in the world for decanter)

Alternatively, a nice bubble comes from the Charmat method, long, light and bubbly! An example would be our Blanc de Blanc.

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