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Oltre Greco di Tufo DOCG/DOP, Bellaria Organic - The Simple Wine

Oltre Greco di Tufo (orange) DOCG/DOP, Bellaria Organic


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You can find this Greco di Tufo in the Pope Francis' menu! 

Aged in the bottle. Transparent as tears pale straw deep yellow / orange with greenish highlights. Tasting Notes: floral, flavors of apple and pear, together with tropical fruit nuances with an important note of melon. Very fresh for the high acidity. With its sugary residue it also gives a nice sense of roundness. Maybe there is the better white (orange ) wine in the world...

Grape: authentic 100% Greco from the region Campania, Tufo Village (Italy)

Vintage: 2015. The great changes in temperature have made this year among the best harvests in the last 10 years

Food-Wine Pairing: shellfish, raw fish and soups, raw meet, turkey and white meat

Vinification: The grapes are harvested in 3(!) different periods: 1- with the clusters still green, to extract the acidity; 2- grapes are perfectly ripe; 3- The late harvest in 2 months from the 1st to obtain high concentrations of sugars. All are pressed separately and then mixed in a single wine. Steel barrels at mixed temperatures which also go below 0. The aging in bottle stabilized the wine.

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Our mission is to create natural products that embody traditions and peculiarities of the wonderful land of Irpinia, with its fruitful and pure green lands and its many native grape varieties. We give the greatest attention to every phase of the productive process, until the bottling of our wines and olive oils.

We’ve chosen to do this the hard way, with daily sacrifice and commitment.

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Customer Reviews

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Brenda McCroskey
Probably my Favorite of all Greco di Tufo’s!

This hits the perfect balance of being light, but substantial, if that makes sense… I love Grecos, but some are way too light & young and others verging on syrupy (talking about you, Benito Ferraro…).

Thanks for the review, Brenda!

Anita Spano

Oltre Greco di Tufo DOCG/DOP