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Besini Georgia

The history of Besini Winery starts in 2004 when the company owners came together in Tsinandali, Kakheti, and planted our first vineyards after careful selection of soil and high quality vines, in order to harvest top quality grapes for our extraordinary wines.

In ancient Georgian, "Besini" means sacrificial wine, the wine that our ancestors made from their finest grapes and sacrificed to the Gods.

The Besini Winery has been producing the finest wines for more than a decade, using Georgian endemic as well as world-famous grape varieties.

We make wine for true wine lovers! Our wine is our honour!

When white wine is described as produced in the “traditional Georgian method” (as opposed to the “classical method,”), it means that the wine is made in an egg-shaped earthenware vessel, known as Qvevri, which is used for making, ageing and storing the wine.

Qvevri wine is known for rich chemical composition, its distinctive bouquet and taste and for its nutritional and curative qualities.

Through the ages up until today, all home winemakers in Georgia have made wine in Qvevri. During the 20th century, commercial use of Qvevri declined as winemaking in this manner is quite labor intensive; they were viewed as inefficient. Today, however, a renewed interest in Qvevri has revived this method of production, not just in Georgia, but around the world.

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