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The Dissegna farm is located In the area between Veneto and Friuli, a territory where viticulture has a long and well-known tradition. Founded in 1925 thanks to grandfather Antonio’s passion, the farm has been passed on from father to son up until the present wise leadership of Francesco.

From 1998, the farm has enriched its offer, adding to the typical wines of the Venetian tradition. In 2006, the farm began following the biological cultivation method for the entire production process, from the collection to the wine production.

Rigorous professionalism, wish for authenticity, and love for the environment represent the driving force of this company, that is proud of using exclusively solar energy for its needs from 2010, therefore having an environmental footprint that is close to zero.

Dissegna is at the same time synonym of tradition and innovation, of respect for the environment and well-advanced production, and of continuous search for quality at the nature’s rhythm.

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