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Ribolla Gialla DOC COLLIO Ferruccio Sgubin - The Simple Wine

Ribolla Gialla DOC COLLIO Ferruccio Sgubin

Ferruccio Sgubin

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100% Ribolla Gialla, a very special grape/wine

The grapes are collected on the basis of sensory analysis in the pre-harvest period, at the perfect balance point between the sugars and acidity of the berry.

Grown on a hill in Collio. Grapes are soft pressing and fermented at a controlled temperature of 16 °C

The wine is matured 50% in small oaken barrels with 500 l capacity, and 50% in steel tanks aged "sur lies" until the spring to enhance the typical properties.

Collio DOC area is located in the extreme North of Italy, among Slovenia, Austria and the Julian Alps. This charming borderland features ample surfaces facing south, which are perfect for highly qualified viticulture. Here, vine growing dates back to pre-Roman times, and DOC was established in 1968. These hilly areas give origin to Collio DOC Pinot Grigio , a wine which expresses the vocation and potentiality of this area full of history, tradition and energy.

This wine is aged in the bottle (2015-17 vintages), we taste the Ribolla Gialla every week to be sure of the current quality of it. Please be sure to let win rest at least 4 -5 days after arriving before opening and enjoying. Please do not purchase the product if the shelf life of this wine does not suit you.

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Ferruccio Sgubin

Ferruccio Sgubin established his farmhouse in Dolegna del Collio, in the little hamlet of Mernico in 1960. Thanks to his family's collaboration and support, he specialized in grapevine growing. A precise target has always moved his steps: guaranteeing the quality growth of his products. The foundation of the product lays in passion and the wise art of love, that is used in any applied procedure and in each gesture. The wine yard is an oasis of happiness and serenity, from which the wine itself seems rewarded, being nourished by it. The ones who love leading a good life and know how to appreciate the sincere moments of it derive great pleasure from tasting our wine. The essence of it is generated from the marly soil of our hills, where the largest part of our vineyards are located. The breath-taking scenery and the crisp air work together to lend a wise harmony to this wine and to the spirit of its taster.

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Fabio Volterra

Ribolla Gialla DOC COLLIO Ferruccio Sgubin

Thank you for the review, Fabio!

Manuel Cast Ortega
Not too sweet, not too tart

Excellent friulian wine

Thanks Manuel ,
we're proud of your high rate of our wine. We also hope you will enjoy every wine of great selection you've been made.

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