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Behind our wines there is a history of an entire family. Every day we write a new page where wine is the protagonist. We love to make good wine because it is the passion of three generations. We put all our efforts into bringing the best flavor to the table.

The first years of the 20th century were difficult, but despite the economical situation and the Great War, our great-grandfather Umberto didn’t lose his passion for the land, and continued with great dedication the activity handed down by his ancestors. After his death, his son Bruno built the winery in Roncà right at the foot of Monte Duello, which has volcanic origins. Our vines arise where active volcanoes existed over 3 million years ago. Thus, the basaltic soil where we grow is excellent for viticulture.

Later, Roberto entered the business beside his father, and they started to focus on the production of Soave and Merlot wines for third parties. In 2006, Federico also entered the business, and after years of study, trips, and having met people who helped his education, he committed to innovate the winery. After years of discussions within the family and scientific experimentations both in the vineyard and in the winery, the Zambon winery produced its first bottle of Soave in 2011.

Little by little, we have almost completely eliminated chemistry in our production, encouraging the research of the natural flavors deriving from the plant. Our key concepts are “care” and “territory”. Our agriculture is based on the maximum respect for the land, along with the attempt at expressing all the hints of the territory in our vineyards and, later, in our wine. We conduct sustainable agriculture, avoiding invasive techniques and turning to natural products and organic fertilization.

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