Impetum "SuperToscan" 2012 - The Simple Wine

Marta Rosa

Impetum "SuperToscan" 2012

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All Marta Rosa wines are selected by Luca Martini, rated one of the Best Sommeliers in the World

A direct nose where we feel Sangiovese and international varieties such as Cabernet and Merlot. Cherry blends to vegetal memories with a final, careful evolution.

Dry and wrapping mouth balances tannin and freshness to make the taste long and harmonious. The Impetum is a hymn to flavor and scent. A wine that leaves room for the classic allocthonous grapes used for Tuscany assembles and take us on a unparalleled journey of scents and sensations.

Grapes: Sangiovese, Cabernet, Merlot



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