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Baron Di Pauli

Kinesis Sauvignon Blanc

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100% Sauvignon Blanc

The Greeks knew it as kinesis: the never-ending flow of the world, the ever-becoming of all things. Light and wind, dancing together with the waters, impress themselves upon the earth that bears the vine that yields the cluster, which in turn is transformed into wine, which gifts us pleasure and beauty. In an instant, chaos returns to pure harmony … is this what we call happiness?

Summer 2015 was characterized by higher than average temperatures and lack of rainfalls. The weather situation induce us to an early harvest epoch thoughts. The heat, however, did slow the grapes development therefore we had an average harvest’s epoch which began on September 1 and ended on October 27. We immediately recognize the potential of an absolutely promising vintage when we saw the grapes quality brought to the cellar. The whites wines show enveloping and caressing fruit features

Twelve hour cold maceration in contact with the skin, fermentation in stainless steel, five months on the fine lees.

Höfl unterm Stein in Söll near Tramin, at about 550 m above sea level. Heavy, loamy, chalky gravel with extremely low yields.



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