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Ferruccio Sgubin

Petruss Sauvignon DOC COLLIO Ferruccio Sgubin

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100% Sauvignon Blanc

The differences in microclimates and soils make this territory unique and unrepeatable and they represent the source producing great wines. For this reason, two particular areas were selected, where the Sauvignon Petrus originates. The first one is a small vineyard, about 35 years old, located on a territory named flisch di Cormons, that is characterized by alternate layers of marlstone and sandstone of Eocene origin. The other vineyard is located just several kilometers away, but on a different hill of Pleistocene origin. It is called Flisch di Grivò. Both vineyards are exposed to the sun on their north-eastern hillside and the origin of their small grapevine plants is the result of an accurate selection.

We strip leaves in the grape growing area 15 days before harvesting, in order to facilitate the synthesis and the aromatic compound evolution.Collio DOC area is located in the extreme North of Italy, among Slovenia, Austria and the Julian Alps. This charming borderland features ample surfaces facing south, which are perfect for highly qualified viticulture. Here, vine growing dates back to pre-Roman times, and DOC was established in 1968. These hilly areas give origin to Collio DOC Pinot Grigio , a wine which expresses the vocation and potentiality of this area full of history, tradition and energy.



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