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Tintilia del Molise 2013/2014 - The Simple Wine

Tintilia del Molise 2013/2014

Marta Rosa

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An extraordinary wine from a very rare grape - Tintilia. Tintilia is a very high quality grape that is produced in very low quantity. The grape produces a unique, dark - almost purple - red wine. It is grown almost exclusively in the Molise region of Italy - a small region in south-eastern Italy, just above the boot. Hence the name: Tintilia del (of) Molise.

Fresh flowers and red fruits are the masters, giving hint of Mediterranean vegetation. The dry and juicy mouth, and tannins, dry the taste with extreme precision, leaving space for a beautiful and fragrant, fruity aftertaste. A fascinating Tintilia, it is the optimal interaction between concentration and transparency.

The etymology has Spanish origin, which indicates the deep red grapes. Wine with territorial character, rich, fresh and fascinating inebriates us with the scents of its homeland.

“The varied infinite range of colors, the silence of the forests in the grip of the enchantment that is forbidden to the sun, the view of villages perched on the ridges of the mountains, as innocent cribs, kidnap the walker, cause estrangement, produce a kind of shipwreck “ from “Travellers in Molise” by Massimo Bignardi.

Grape: 100% Tintilia

All Marta Rosa wines are selected by Luca Martini, rated one of the Best Sommeliers in the World.

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Customer Reviews

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Paul Selby

Very good, delicious would recommend highly

Fabio Volterra

Tintilia del Molise 2013/2014

Hello Fabio and thanks for your review .
We believe that something was wrong with bottle of Tintilia you received .
We will send another one on us with very next your order. We sure you'll love this wine.
regards ,
PS .Because of your review , yesterday we made tasting of Tintilia with couple of our friends-wine experts : wine was excellent. We 're very sorry about your non-positive experience with Tintilia .

Tiziana Betti

Very good fragrant warm good sensation on the palate (Buonissimo caldo profumato buona sensazione al palato)

Jan Ons

My first wine from the region Molise. Delicious aromatic fruity wine with soft tannins. Aromas of cherries and black pepper.

Stefano Baranello

A good fresh tintilia excellent x natural… (Una tintilia fresca buona ottima x crudi…)