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Corte San Benedetto

“In our winery, passion, tradition and love mingle together and every single bottle embodies such everlasting values.”

The Corte San Benedetto winery, located in Arbizzano di Negrar in the ancient rural court from where it took its name, is a family-run estate.

This young family-run winery was born in 2006 with the help of their father Mariano when two brothers Angelo and Loris decided to continue the activity initiated in 1956 by their grandfather Angelo.

As they currently run the winery using their own grapes, Loris, with a degree in oenology, works in the cellar and is responsible for winemaking, while Angelo takes care of the accounts and customer relations. Mariano then, with a long-mature-acquired experience throughout the years, ensures cultivation in the vineyard.

A portion of about 18 hectares of the vineyard is cultivated from which all typical wines of the zone are produced, namely Amarone, Recioto, Valpolicella and Ripasso. 

At first, the little wine produced was for the family and local consumption. After the Second World War the demand for wine increased so, Angelo (grandfather), with the help of his children, began to give structure to the wine business in order to satisfy a wider market. With a good grip, the vineyard was transformed into a true and proper grape garden.

Back in the day, when evening came, candles were lit (there was still no electricity) and they would go downstairs to the tiny stone faced cellar where no one would come out without first having sipped a drop of  Recioto or Amarone wine. 

It became almost a ritual, and today is a memory for all those people (and there are many) that in those years as scholars, customers or friends crossed the threshold and were immersed in the almost unreal atmosphere that wine, a gift from the grape, has the power to bring you alive.

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