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Taurasi DOC/DOP '07

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The fruity and intense flavor of Taurasi wine is completed by delicious notes of vanilla, licorice and chocolate. Its typical color is ruby red with an orangey tinge that become stronger while the wine ages.
The origins of Taurasi wine date back to the pre-Roman era. The Aglianico grape variety, from which Taurasi wine is produced, is called “Hellenic” - originating in Greece. Taurasi wine was named after “Taurasia”, a little village that was taken over by Romans after they defeated Hirpinis in the 80 AC. The Romans then moved thousands of settlers here from Liguria to work in the vineyards.

Serving Temperature: 61-65 °F / 16-18 °C Food Coupling: Taurasi wine matches tasty dishes and it’s the perfect wine for elegant dinners. It goes wounderfully with game, firm and seasoned cheeses, and red and fatty meats.



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