Hurlo Rosso Veneto IGP 2009 - The Simple Wine

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Hurlo Rosso Veneto IGP 2009

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All of the excellence of GARBOLE is concentrated in this rare and precious LIMITED EDITION wine which represents the best of MADE in GARBOLE, and one of the best italian wines.

Each bottle of the HURLO wine from GARBOLE is the product of 20 years of thinking and 130 years of history. The HURLO originates from a liberating scream of joy and well-being.

Because the Hurlo is a work of art that represents creative freedom, it cannot be locked up within any disciplinar rule, or a technical sheet, or any other pre-established pattern. Hurlo is a meta wine, a meta amarone wine. Diverse raw materials, each one containing its own history are mixed and contrasted with each other to achieve a final balance, harmony and complexity in the dance of their fluid and natural metamorphosis.

A dense and impenetrable colour anticipates and reveals the substance from which sinuous, sensual, soft and elegant forms are born.



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