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At the beginning, in the 1940s, the wine was sold in bulk, as used to be common practice in those days. Then in the 1980s Mauro followed in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps when he took up vine-growing.

Though he was still young, he was very clear in his mind about what he wanted to do with the family business, and the real story of Camparo can be said to have begun in the ’90s when Mauro took over the reins of the winery and established its character and philosophy.

First, he started selling the family’s organic wine throughout Italy; then in the mid 90s he broadened the production by purchasing a plot of land in Grinzane Cavour, growing Nebbiolo grapes to produce Barolo wine.

The organic process has always been a distinguishing feature of production at Camparo, which followed a natural approach to the land and winemaking before organic even existed as a category.

In the year 2000, Mauro harnessed these intrinsic values by taking the major step of obtaining “organic farming” certification and becoming one of the first in the Langhe to opt for this production philosophy.

A production process which adheres strictly to organic principles and the production of organically-certified wines and hazelnuts means many things: respect for the environment and for the land, a guarantee for the consumer of quality and ethics, and enormous added value for the Camparo brand.

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