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Precious wines, authentic and unique for those who do not like being "guided."

To fulfill a mad dream - this is the mission of brothers Filippo and Ettore Finetto, the founders of Garbole, who have always had one single great ambition: to produce wine in a unique and outstanding way.

Since the initial idea which was formed in 1994, there has always been the continuous urge and drive to better themselves. A courageous restlessness follows them in their journey of continual improvement with the thirst to improve themselves at its forefront. Outsiders and self-taught, they are fascinated by this extraordinary world to which they have dedicated their minds, bodies, hearts and souls to the beauty of their dreams casting, off their previous lives. Agriculture is the academy they use for self-improvement. Wine production is not an end to itself but a consequence; it is a means and instrument to express themselves, to convey values and ideas; to unite people and to regain identity. The wine cellar is a container for deeply attractive holistic experiences,

Garbole is a young and dynamic company, faithful to the roots and traditions to which it belongs, and committed to pioneering an effort to exceed the great oenological art frontiers.

We focus on essence rather than appearance, reality as opposed to illusion, and guarantee sincerity and candor in all of our products.

Each Garbole creation reflects the people who created them.

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