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Ferruccio Sgubin

Schioppettino IGT 2013 Venezia Giulia Ferruccio Sgubin

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Variety : 100% Schioppettino, a very special grape/wine;

planted 1976-2000. Its very rare grape can be found only in this high quality wines Italian region. light body wine close to Pinot Noire with very black pepper taste in the beginning which removes after 30-40 min  "breathing". Very elegant and full of taste wine.

The grapes are collected on the basis of sensory analysis in the pre-harvest period: maximum maturation of skins and tannins is sought.

This wine ferments at a controlled temperature of 26°C. It remains on its skins for a period of 20 days during which the of color and structure are extracted.

It is refined in small oaken barrels with 500 l capacity where the malolactic fermentation takes place for a period of 14-16 months. At the end of this process, this wine is bottled without filtering to preserve its maximum integrity. It is then refined in the bottle for at least 4 months.



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