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Tenute Marta Rosa

Viticulture is the activity that has accompanied our family for three generations. Before me, my grandparents and parents took care of thousands of vines, providing for their well-being to be able to derive ever better clusters that could translate the sweat and fatigue into smiles and satisfactions.

Tenute Martarosa is a seed sprouted after years of passion and experience, a seed that has nourished our lives by absorbing its essence.

Our story was born in 1957 when grandfather, Michele, left Molise and emigrated to France with his family to work in the vineyards and in the cellar of one of the most important Alsatian companies. Full of passion and interest for this work he decided to return to Italy 10 years later to plant the first vineyards and dedicate his life to the care of the vines.

Even my parents spent their lives in the rows. Persevering, courageous, stubborn, always eager and never tired of witnessing the life cycle every year that makes the harvest a real miracle.

The new vintages, peering into the glass the thousand facets of wine, the smiles, the evaluations, the joys and the disappointments: a baggage of different emotions each year, generated by the passion for this work.

My love for wine is the logical and natural continuation of decades of viticulture.

After my degree in economics and a few years of work outside the region, the call to the land brought me back to the countryside, among our rows, to the scent of grass and grapes, in Molise.

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