Lei Chardonnay Toscana - The Simple Wine

Marta Rosa

Lei Chardonnay Toscana

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All Marta Rosa wines are selected by Luca Martini, rated one of the Best Sommeliers in the World

A dry wine with tropical scents reminiscent of banana and lime.

Variety of great immediacy and elegance. Dry and sharp mouth typical of the chardonnay, it is a wonderful interaction between minerality and flavor.

Lei is known as the Hawaiian symbol for “hello”. Lei is the ornamental crown offered to foreigners as a sign of hospitality. The symbol of hospitality embodies love, affection, friendship and esteem between people. This chardonnay loyalizes our palate, inebriates, and bewitches us as a real Lei.

Grape: 100% Chardonnay



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